A photo I took in Santorini in August 2011 on a sunset cruise. Loved the colored doors everywhere and the red rocks on the hillside. Just an abandoned fishing boat and some doors… Continue reading

Hands of Time

A timeless time piece seems to be something most people want and look for. That staple that will last through the years. What would be a timeless watch? Steel seems to be simplest… Continue reading

Golden Gate Bridge

This is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA I took back in September 2009. Although it was not a clear day as  I had hoped for, the picture… Continue reading

Fractions and Accents

When wanting to accent a room with color there are ways of doing it right. Unless you have a theme set aside or you are wanting to make a bold statement, it is… Continue reading

Calgary Graffiti

A back stairwell I came across at ACAD when visiting the campus, luckily I had my DSLR with me. Love the sheer insanity of it, could probably find something new every time I… Continue reading

Calgary Kitchens

This is another home I did the interior design work in. It’s actually the opposite side of the one I showed a couple days ago. Very similar premise with a darker color story.… Continue reading

Fall Photo in Calgary

As much as I don’t enjoy the cold months in our Canadian climate, it still makes for great pictures. No denying that. This is one I took early morning about 2 weeks ago,… Continue reading

Bright Eyes and Bright Ideas

Glasses have come a long way in the 20+ years I have been wearing them. Back in the day it seemed to be an automatic “nerd alert” (never stopped me from rocking them).… Continue reading

Out with the Old, In with the Old …?

The phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is completely true. When trying to keep within a budget but not wanting to sacrifice style there are plenty of inexpensive options. Often I… Continue reading

Solo Project

I work as an interior designer and this is one of my solo projects this year. I spent hours designing this kitchen, and have supervised the entire building process of this home and… Continue reading