In Full Swing

In Calgary it’s definitely that time of year again where I can spend my weekends golfing. With golf there lies that subculture of fashion tied to the sport. It’s definitely part of the… Continue reading

Suit & Tie

As a designer, I am always accenting homes, and accenting spaces, using texture, and color. Why not do the same with your clothes? The latest thing to come back in the past couple… Continue reading

Brabbu – Namib

I often see this chair while flipping through a magazine, or featured in a home, and I am always drawn to the design of it. The simple satin highlighted by the dark, rich… Continue reading

Rocking Chair No. 1

This was an article I had written for a fellow designers blog, but I truly love this chair and felt I needed to share it on my own blog as well. Also very… Continue reading

Civile Duplex

In the fall I had been updating about a duplex I had been working on. Well they are now complete and open on weekends for clients to take a look at. Both are… Continue reading

‘Sock’ It To Me

Men’s fashion choices have been getting bolder and more colorful. I definitely admire the hints of color, patterns, and prints. Keeping with the classic styling of a suit, we also see fun elements… Continue reading

Chino Change-Up

Throughout recent years we have been witnessing the greatest come back, something we thought was definitely in the past. Definitely something I love to wear, and definitely not as boring as they used… Continue reading

Natural Selection

As a designer I am always asked about selecting paint colors and creating color palettes. Naturally I like to keep it simple with subtle hints of color to give clients a long lasting,… Continue reading

In the Navy

Men often think the most essential suit is a simple black one, but in my opinion NAVY is the way to go. It is versatile, it can get you through many of life’s… Continue reading

In Living Color

Art and inspiration can be found anywhere, artists can take any material and repurpose and reintroduce it in a different medium, and that’s exactly what blackLab Architects did with this wall of 12,000… Continue reading