Light Up My Life

Lighting and accents are things that tends to set the overall theme for a space. Sometimes we don’t even realize what a key element the lighting in a room can be. Lights are… Continue reading

Nate Berkus Fall 2013

Nate Berkus’ collection at Target for fall 2013 is pretty great, and quite affordable. Consisting of accents which add texture, character, and a little bit of vintage to your home, it’s definitely a… Continue reading

Muttonhead Collective

It’s seldom that I take the time showcase a specific brand on my blog, and really take the time to hone in on their work…but Mutton Head Collective has got me infatuated. Aside… Continue reading

Space Planning

Throughout the years working in the design industry I have really taken a liking to the aspect of space planning. Creating an efficient layout and flow to a space ideal for communication, entertaining,… Continue reading

Rogue Brogues

Some trends are here for a minute then gone out the next. The Brogue is definitely not one of those trends. It has been a classic design for decades. It’s one of the… Continue reading

Kitchen Reno

Recently I took on a rather large renovation project. Essentially doubling the size of a kitchen. It used to be half the size, with a den where the new portion where the fridge… Continue reading

The Art of Trimming

The modern man plays with all facets of fashion and trends, and this goes far beyond clothing and accessories. Just as women apply make up and create a look for all occasions, men… Continue reading

Creating a Spectacle

As someone who has a fascination with eyewear of all shapes and sizes, and a collector (hoarder) of eyeglasses it is nice to come across a new brand. A brand which focuses on… Continue reading

Back to Black

Whenever using color in a room it can tend to look dated or slightly drab. Perhaps what it’s missing maybe an anchor? Best thing to do when playing with color in a room… Continue reading

Nursery Rhyming

Not sure if it’s the age I am at, or just that time of year but it feels like everyone is having kids right now. So as of lately I have been getting… Continue reading