Boardroom Backpacks


There is a lot more emphasis put towards men’s accessories these days, one of the biggest markets seems to be bags. The evolution of the traditional briefcase accompanying you to your 9-5 has become something of the past. There are so many more options put forth these days by designers. One of the best accessories I am finding these days is the boardroom backpacks. The men’s fashion world is seeing an influx of classically styled backpacks, with rich and beautiful leathers, and vintage styled metal hardware, but not limited to such. We see many prints, patterns, materials, and styles for the fashion bag. The backpack is no longer elementary, there are so many bold and sophisticated styles to choose from, which are great for commuting around the city, whether it’s on transit, bike, or walking the backpack is reinvented for the corporate city life. Designers such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton have their modern take on the metropolitan sack, and of course so many menswear stores have followed in their footsteps as well to create a more affordable option as well.  

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