Growing Home

According to Elle Decor there are 10 things everyone should have in their homes by the age of 30, and I couldn’t agree more. If you want to be taken seriously in life, it may be time to take yourself seriously as well. Time to strip away the street signs as decor, weathered towels, and finally invest in an adult bed with real bedding. Here are the 10 things they say are needed in your home by the age of 30.

1. Art you love

2. An organized bookshelf

3. Matching towels

4. A plant

5. A nice mattress and headboard

6. A collection

7. Bathroom accessories (that aren’t plastic)

8. A favorite candle (or knowledge that you’re not a scent person)

9. Two bedside tables

10. A luxurious throw (this one is optional in my eyes)

It’s important as we mature and move forward in our lives or careers that we be proud of our spaces and actually put a little effort into making them reflect ourselves.

Picture provided by Her Eyes are Wild