Backsplash Balance

Every home is tailored to the needs, wants, and style of the homeowner. Everyone is trying to express their individuality through design and have their homes styled based on their likes. As time goes on and product is becoming more artistic, we are seeing a lot of people playing around with little details in their homes like backsplash tile. Although it may seem like a very minor detail in a home, it can ultimately set the tone for the entire house.

Some people like to play around with geometric tiles, textures, classic styles like marble or subway tiles, and others like to add a flare using medallions. The kitchen is a space that seems to garner the most attention, and somehow most people flock to it. Therefore it comes as no surprise that it is considered the heart of a home, so why not allow your heart to shine through with the selections you make in your kitchen when building or renovating your home. Don’t be afraid to take a little risk because it is just a little pop of color or texture that add a little sense of adventure and personality into a space.

Picture provided by: Peak of Tres Chic