The Art of Trimming

The modern man plays with all facets of fashion and trends, and this goes far beyond clothing and accessories. Just as women apply make up and create a look for all occasions, men are doing the same with their facial hair. There is a big “manscaping” culture, there are books about it, documentaries about it. Even taking a walk down the street you will be able to observe how truly important the art of trimming has become for men. There are those who like to keep a little shadowing, some stubble, or a perfectly full beard. Just like women using makeup to highlight features you will find men sculpting their facial hair to highlight jaws, cheeks, or just there overall personality. Facial hair is something that is playing a big role in today’s fashion conscience male, and everybody is doing it differently to suit them best. For those of you who can’t grow facial hair, my apologies.

It is important to keep a good blade, and not to overuse a blade, some good shaving cream, and a trimmer for when you let it grow out a little longer. Don’t be afraid to invest good money into these things.


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