Creating a Spectacle

As someone who has a fascination with eyewear of all shapes and sizes, and a collector (hoarder) of eyeglasses it is nice to come across a new brand. A brand which focuses on classic styles and keeps a limited collection, Dan Levy Eyewear. At D.L. Eyewear they have honed in on those classic 1950’s styles that have carried on throughout the years, with tortoise or black finishes, and androgynous styles, which depending on your personal style will look different from person to person. This is a brand I can definitely get on board with, reasonable pricing, great styles, with a unique flare. All frames are shown in a clear lens, or a sunglass, which is simple and ideal for me. Wasn’t sure what Dan Levy was up to these days, but I am excited to see what else this brand has in store. Check it out using the link below.

Picture from Dan Levy Eyewear