Back to Black

Whenever using color in a room it can tend to look dated or slightly drab. Perhaps what it’s missing maybe an anchor? Best thing to do when playing with color in a room is accent it with black, whether in a print or frames, or side tables. The little hints of black throughout the room pull the room into 2013. This maybe a problem you often find yourself plagued with when (re)decorating, black accents, big or small, ground the colors in the space bring the look to life.

If you ever encounter the problem of a room lacking the anchor to pull it together use darker tones, close to black scattered in the space. I refer to this as the “back to black” rule, it helps add cohesion between the colors and textures you’re trying work with. Look at any room playing with colors or a monochromatic feel, then envision it with black, or without the black pieces if already present, and realize what an integral role black plays in a space.

Picture provided by Inspire Ling