Nursery Rhyming


Not sure if it’s the age I am at, or just that time of year but it feels like everyone is having kids right now. So as of lately I have been getting a lot of questions regarding nursery designs. To be honest, I didn’t know much of what was available out there, so I sat down and did my research and pulled up styles I liked and ones I heard about from other designers and peers. A brand I seem to gravitate towards and suggest to people is Dwell Studio, they have perfected the modern design behind the crib, and they have so many different classic or retro inspired styles. Most of which come in many different finishes to suit your needs. Although these cribs can be pricey, if you’re planning on growing your family these cribs will definitely hold up against time. To see some of what Dwell has to offer, check out Modern Karibou. Great site with a lot to offer, and many other brands too, Dwell just happens to be my personal favorite. Be sure to check all Modern Karibou has to offer, not just baby stuff.

Don’t be afraid to sway from the traditional ‘baby colors’ and have your nursery reflect a specific style, rather than gender. The rooms should be as unique as the babies you’re creating them for. Just like how poetry doesn’t always have to rhyme, your nurseries don’t always need to be traditional. Play with wallpaper, texture, color, and an overall style. Something that reflects on your personal style, seeing as the baby will most likely be under your control when it comes to style for many years, and many embarrassing photos. Have fun with your nurseries.

Picture provided by Modern Karibou