Suit & Tie

As a designer, I am always accenting homes, and accenting spaces, using texture, and color. Why not do the same with your clothes? The latest thing to come back in the past couple years is the Bow-Tie, and man do I love them.

1) Love the ‘dorky’ aspect of them

2) They come in just about any color, print, pattern, fabric,

3) Great way to contrast your shirt and liven up the look of your suit.

I would rock one with the suspenders too, go big or go home is the way I look at it. It’s a great way to  stray from the, now, traditional tie and have some fun with your suits. Designers are getting really creative with the bow ties coming out these days, so find the style that suits you best, ROCK THAT BOW!

Picture provided by Passion for Fashion bow-tie