Rocking Chair No. 1



This was an article I had written for a fellow designers blog, but I truly love this chair and felt I needed to share it on my own blog as well. Also very proud that Brendan Gallagher is not just Canadian but also Albertan.

I love when fashion meets furniture, and this is a perfect example of that. Brendan Gallagher, a Canadian design student, has masterminded this impeccable rocking chair. He refers to it as Rocker No. 1, made of walnut which in itself is a beautiful wood with great variation, wire mesh, and simple upholstery. It rivals some of the great chairs which revolutionized mid century furniture. His inspiration was taken from another Canadian company, Bustle Clothing, and their use of simple styling, patterns, and clean modern looks. Although simple in design it holds a lot of visual interest and definitely made a mark for Brendan Gallagher, and what to expect from him in the future.

Pictures provided by Brendan Gallagher