Chino Change-Up

Throughout recent years we have been witnessing the greatest come back, something we thought was definitely in the past. Definitely something I love to wear, and definitely not as boring as they used to be. CHINOS!! In men’s fashion for the past couple years we have seen the chino re emerge, and in a completely new light. Not only are they in all colors, and cuts, but also they are a transition piece now. You can dress them up or dress them down. I know I definitely like to wear mine to work but can still dress them down for after work drinks.

And don’t be afraid of the colored ones. Just because they are colored doesn’t mean they can’t be dress, paired with the right blazer or shirt and shoes and belt you can make any colored chino a work appropriate pant. My personal favorite ones are by Hawkings McGill (their streight skinny chino), check them out.

Pictures provided by FASHIONBEANS

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