Color Outside the Lines

Throughout the years beautiful landscaping has become somewhat monochromatic, and simple. Ivanka, a concrete company started by 2 young Hungarian students who became inspired on a summer work trip in Canada for a Landscape Architect, has been changing the world of concrete since the early 2000’s. The two entrepreneurs found themselves fascinated by the composition and the versatility of concrete and ventured to start their own concrete tile company. This venture has in turn become a very creative outlet for these two former Law and Information Technology Students, their concrete products are award winning and widely used in the architecture and landscape architecture world.

Recently they have developed a line of products known as “Flaster,” which are Mediterranean inspired concrete tiles which come in an array of colors. Not only do these tiles come in any color, but you are able to order them in custom colors to suit your space and personality. Each tile fits together in a puzzle-like way, which allows you to set them up however you choose. This innovative idea, is has intricate details on each surface, inspired through floral prints, and ornamental shapes. Definitely a product to consider when creating that custom outdoor space to entertain and add that little extra something to your outdoor space.

Picture provided by Ivanka Concrete Works