Fractions and Accents

When wanting to accent a room with color there are ways of doing it right. Unless you have a theme set aside or you are wanting to make a bold statement, it is rare that the whole room and everything in it will be the same color. This is where the famous 60-30-10 rule comes into play. Depending on the level of ‘wow’ you are hoping to get, you should play with these percentages. It is a known rule to do 10% with your accent, that means it will be subtle and maybe just a little pop. The 30% will be your secondary color, and the 60% will be your dominant color. This is a rule you see in all types of design. In fashion the 10% is usually what anchors a line like a tie in a suit or any little accessory/embellishment, in food the 10% is usually in the presentation, and in cars the 10% is usually accessories like the rims/vents/spoilers. To get that subtle designer look always think to the 60-30-10 rule.