Boardroom Backpacks

   There is a lot more emphasis put towards men’s accessories these days, one of the biggest markets seems to be bags. The evolution of the traditional briefcase accompanying you to your 9-5… Continue reading

Shave It For Later

The artof shaving and maintaining your beard is as important and defining in individual styles as our names. The way we choose to trim, shape, and style our facial hair helps in defining… Continue reading

Stairway of Bestsellers

The charm and character we are seeing added into homes is unparalleled these days. There is so much creativity and thought being put into proper space planning, mixing of textures, and innovation. Something… Continue reading

Off the Rack

Sometimes condo living can really cramp your style, literally. With small closets and small bedrooms sometimes it can be difficult to buy extra wardrobes or dressers. There’s always an alternative. It may not… Continue reading

Colors 2014

It’s 2014 and spring is almost in the air, that includes for trend spotting this year. We are seeing a lot of neutral colors for 2014, nice subtle palettes. Creams, light blues, beiges,… Continue reading

Growing Home

According to Elle Decor┬áthere are 10 things everyone should have in their homes by the age of 30, and I couldn’t agree more. If you want to be taken seriously in life, it… Continue reading

Bauhaus Design

Alright, its official! The time has come to launch the company and the site. Everyone check out the company website to Bauhaus Design

Pushing Boots

One thing that has become a staple in my daily wardrobe, whether casual or dressy I love my lace up boots. I have a variety of them for different occasions or my moods.… Continue reading

Marble Marvels

It’s funny how trends recycle themselves over time and some things always remain a staple when it comes to design. Marble is one of those things that people can be weary of using,… Continue reading

Backsplash Balance

Every home is tailored to the needs, wants, and style of the homeowner. Everyone is trying to express their individuality through design and have their homes styled based on their likes. As time… Continue reading